Mom Receives Best Note Ever From Her Son After She Divorces Her Abusive Husband…

“Yes, of course,” I said. “I believe what goes around comes around, and if we try to do the right thing, good comes back to us. The clients of mine who have withheld forgiveness have withheld it only from themselves.”

Those words were so common for me that they practically spoke themselves. And yet, if anyone had cause to be full of rage, Barbara did.

“I believe in forgiveness, too,” she said quietly. “I believe that if I hold on to anger at my husband it will only fuel the fire of conflict, and my children are the ones who will get burned.”

She gave a tremulous smile. “The problem is, kids are very smart. They can tell if I haven’t truly forgiven their dad … if I am just saying words. So I have to really release my anger.

“And here is where I need a favor from you.”

I leaned forward across my desk.

“I don’t want this divorce to be bitter. I don’t want all the blame put onto him. The thing I most want is to truly forgive him, and to have both you and me conduct ourselves accordingly.” She paused and looked me in the eye. “And I want you to promise to hold me to this.”

I’ve got to say, this request was against my best lawyerly business advice. But it fit my best human advice, hand in glove.

“I’ll do my best” I said.

It wasn’t easy. Barbara’s husband had no interest in taking the high road. The next decade was marked with his ugly character assassinations of her and repeated periods of nonpayment of child support. There were even times she could have had him thrown in jail but she never would.