Photographs Of Silly Babies Who Look Like Old People

Every baby is beautiful, with their soft skin and their wide-eyed expressions. Plus, that new baby smell? There’s nothing quite like it.

But for all their cuteness, there’s no denying that even the cutest babies can sometimes resemble old folks. With doting parents taking pictures non-stop, all those baby off-days get captured on film… and the results are truly hilarious.

1. He can’t find his toupee. The neighbor kids are currently number one of his list of suspects.
old babies 1

2. He may need his diaper changed.
old babies 2

3. In this get-up, he’ll get allllll the ladies at the senior center.
old babies 3

4. Reliving his famous role of the Lion in The Wizard of Oz.
old babies 4

5. Because Botox isn’t covered by Medicare.
old babies 5

6. “Inconceivable!”
old babies 6

7. He needs approximately 800 hours of sleep.
old babies 7

8. “They said a man my age shouldn’t still wear something so low cut. I say, LET ME LIVE.”
old babies 8

9. He forgot where he is. Also, his shirt. And his name.
old babies 9

10. “Take my wife — PLEASE!”
old babies 10

11. A rare photo of baby-aged Julia Child.
old babies 11

12. Ladies and Gentlemen, Benjamin Button.
old babies 12

13. He’s happy because his grandkids just brought him some sugar-free candies.
old babies 13

14. Just let him eat his prunes in peace.
old babies 14

15. “This Miley Cyrus is no Betty Grable, madame!”
old babies 15

16. Anderson Cooper: You are the father.
old babies 16

17. “We’re going to be late for the early bird special!”
old babies 17


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