Sweet Young Lady Purchased Orchids For Her New Home But Her Father Eventually Returned Them

I take care of the orchids in a floral store and had a young woman come in, maybe in her early 20’s. She was very sweet, attentive, and wanted to know about everything we had, but eventually settled on an orchid. She was very excited about moving into a new home and had me help her find a flower that would brighten up the place. She listened very closely to the directions I gave her for caring for her new plant (it was a gorgeous plum & white blossom) and even had me write them down for her. I used store stationary and even wrote my name on the card. I told her to come see me if she had any questions at all.

About a month and a half later, an older man comes in with the orchid, possibly her father. He’d seen my name and the name of our store on the card and brought it back to us. The young woman had passed away in an accident shortly after moving and he didn’t know how to care for the plant. It was in great shape, I could tell she’d been taking good care of it, but he didn’t want anything to do with it. He asked me to refund it and put it back on the shelves, as even with the directions he wasn’t sure he could take care of it. Even if he could, he didn’t want it around. I think it reminded him of her too much.

I have a small amount of oversight in the department, so I managed to trade him the orchids for a funeral bouquet that was worth a lot more. I was supposed to put the orchid back on display, but I couldn’t bear to. I got permission to bring it home with me, but even with all the care I gave it, it died a couple weeks later.

I don’t know if flowers can miss people, but part of me likes to think this one did.

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