She Couldn’t Wait To Get Her Prom Dress In The Mail. But Is Shocked When She Tried It On…

Few things are more important to a high schooler than prom. For many girls, prom is absolutely everything. It’s being prom queen. It’s having the time of your life. It’s making beautiful memories that’ll stay with you for the remainder of your days. And for a lot of unlucky teenagers, it’s also a ton and a half of anxiety about anything and everything that could possibly go wrong. For one Colorado junior, something certainly did go wrong – in a shocking way.

Wanting to avoid the $135 price tag on the dress she wanted, Douglas County High School student Juliet Jacoby took to the internet to find the same gown at a cheaper price, Seventeen reports. At a little over $35, the online retailer RoseGal provided Jacoby with exactly what she needed: beauty on a budget. But what seemed like a dream come true quickly turned into a total nightmare.

Not only did the dress arrive two weeks later than expected, it was also nothing like the picture on the website. The supposedly sumptuous gown turned out to be so cheap-looking it might as well be a Halloween costume. “When I opened the package, I gasped and was shocked by how ugly it was,” Jacoby told Seventeen. “I cursed a little, and I was floored on how it looked nothing like the picture I saw!”

prom dress fail 1

To add insult to injury, not only was the dress incredibly low-quality, it was also dysfunctional. “I tried the dress on and the zipper was broken,” Jacoby adds. This is always a risk to take into account when ordering clothing online – there’s always a possibility that what comes out of the shipping package will be nothing like what you saw on your computer screen. Especially when it was that affordable.

prom dress fail 2

At the very least, she and her loved ones got a good laugh out of the situation. “I waited in front of the garage door to see what my mom’s reaction was, and all she did was stand there with the most shocked face for about five seconds, then burst out laughing,” she said. Fortunately, Jacoby had the excellent instinct to buy two dresses online, in case one of them wasn’t quite what she wanted. All’s well that ends well!


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