Rude Woman Began Yelling In The Restaurant Because A Homeless Man Was Outside

I had lunch with my little girl at a diner. Nothing fancy, chain restaurant. Kind of place where you pay for your meal at the front counter where the host’s stand is.

It’s a weekday at lunchtime, not too busy. My kid and I finish our meals, and I take her up front so I can pay the check. The cashier is ringing up a guy, so I wait in line while my kid runs around.

As I’m waiting at the front, a group of three walks in, led by a woman in her 50s. The hostess comes up to seat the group and the woman yells, “There is a MAN SITTING ON YOUR BENCH right outside the DOOR, and he’s asking for MONEY!” The hostess apologizes, and the lady yells, “You need to GET HIM OFF the property! I do NOT WANT HIM BEGGING ON MY WAY OUT!” Like, lady. It’s not like he exposed himself to you, or threatened you, he’s probably just hungry. Sheesh.

So they get seated, and when the cashier rings me up, I ask, “Can I pay for a meal for that man sitting outside?” She goes, “Sure, let me know what you want to buy him, and we can take it out there.” I say, “Nope. I want him to eat inside the restaurant. And I’ll give you $20 if you seat him right across from the group that just came in.”

If you can’t be kind to someone asking for help, maybe at least keep your mouth shut.

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