Waitress Gives Arrogant Customer A Rude Awakening

So yesterday was my last day working at a restaurant. It’s a casual dining place, and so we get people from all walks of life there. Yesterday, the weather happened to be great, so we got really busy around 7 pm.

Well, the kitchen closes at 10, and I was second cut, so I took my last customers at 8:30. And in walk in this woman with a nasty sneer on her face with her four friends. They’re a group of 21-23-year-olds that swear the world is at their feet.

I had 8 other tables that I was checking on, so I brought waters to them and let them know I’d let them check out the menu and come back. So upon my return, I say “Sorry about the w-” And the first girl holds her hand up and says “Stop talking we were having a conversation.”

Oops. My bad.

I apologized and let them finish up even though I had other tables to tend to as well. So they finish the conversation, and she asks me what the specials are. I proceed to tell her, and her friends say “what did SHE say?”

As I’m standing right in front of her…
So I repeated the specials, and the first girl goes “get us the appetizer on special.”

So I placed her order and went on to check on my other tables. Even though my tables were mostly done eating, it was still really busy in the kitchen, and the appetizer was taking a bit longer than I’d thought I would.

So I went up to the table and apologized for the wait, but that if they were ready to order, I could go ahead and place that in. Before they place their order, she says Ugh. Are you seriously this slow?! We just ordered an appetizer. What’s taking you so long?! We’re hungry!“ This was when I snapped.

I looked at her like she was stupid and said “bless your heart! Let’s get you your appetizer before you order food, k?” From then on, I talked to her like she was eight years old. She and her friends asked what certain things on the menu were and I’d make hand gestures and dumb it all down. When they placed their orders, I heard her other friend say, “she’s so stupid” to which she responded, “I know. I’m not giving her a tip. That’ll show her.”

This is where my revenge began.

They got their food and started ordering drinks. To the point where their bill was well over $100. I took my time, smiled when I walked past, brought their drinks when ordered, Blessed their hearts God knows how many times. And when I went to check on them one last time, I asked in my most chipper tone “y’all ready for the checks?!”

The main girl says, “Duh, we’re finished. All in one.” Perfect.

On the computer system, we have the option to charge a gratuity, but we are told to do it only with parties of 8 or more, but it was my last day. So what were they going to do, fire me? So I clicked the gratuity button and hit 25%.

Their bill went up to around $140. Set.

When she saw the bill, her jaw dropped. And her friends asked if everything was okay. She just nodded and gave me the dirtiest look. I swiped the card and returned it to her and wished them a great night.

Please treat your servers with respect, if only for your own sake!

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