Man Jailed After Sex With Girlfriend’s Dead Body, Claims He Was “Trying To Wake Her Up”

Aaron Graser, 39, a Connecticut man is behind bars for having sex with his dead girlfriend.

Graser claimed he thought “it would wake her up,” according to reports. He was sentenced to a year in prison for fourth-degree sexual assault of a corpse on Tuesday.

sex with dead girlfriend

When the attempt failed, he put her pants on and called his neighbor, who used to be a paramedic. The neighbor told police he believed the woman had been dead for hours.

After the autopsy was performed, it determined the paramedic was correct, the ligatures caused by the bedpost ties did not have bruises, which means no blood was flowing at the time, a medical examiner testified at the trial.

The ME testified that the gurgling Graser heard could have been decomposition gases escaping the woman’s body. The toxicology report determined the woman had high levels of fentanyl, heroin and another synthetic drug in her body and she died from a drug overdose.

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