Brother Saved His Little Sister From Cutting Herself

I walked into my little sister cutting herself, and she confided her friend’s father had been sexually abusing her. She’s 15, and this guy has been messing around with her since she was a child. I wanted to go straight to my parents, the police, everyone and have this man nailed to a board, but my sister begged me and made me promise not to tell anyone.

I didn’t want to betray her trust, but this isn’t some insignificant teenage thing. She’s a great kid, and I didn’t want this to mess her up any more than it has. I understand her not wanting to talk to our parents; she isn’t close to them at all. And I didn’t know how to convince her to go to the police; she’s terrified about everyone knowing about it.

I felt like I had to be the adult and make her go through with reporting it and getting help. I also felt like no one should be forcing her to do anything she isn’t okay with, she had enough of that.

After my sister and I talked to our mom, we called a rape counseling hotline, and they put us in touch with a victims advocate to help us get through the process of getting the man to jail. Holding my sister’s hand and listening to her give a statement to the police was probably the hardest and most sickening thing I’ve ever had to do.

Everything is going as well as it can, I guess. The guy was arrested, and his house searched, they found the photos and video my sister told them about. The VA told us it was really the best scenario, there’s enough evidence for rape and CP charges.

After some brotherly arm twisting my sister agreed to therapy as long as I promised to take her.

I guess its going better than expected. Except for the anger and guilt me, and I’m sure our parents, feel. The guy was her babysitter for so long, and it completely destroyed me to think that even I sent her over there when I was supposed to be watching her and wanted to hang out with my friends instead.

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