30 Amazingly Simple Home Improvement Ideas That Will Spice Up Your Home

Here are the tips you can use to fix up your space. With simple upgrades, you can easily boost the appearance of your house.

1. Add some drawers to the space between wall studs.simple home improvements 1

2. Save a little room in the kitchen by adding hinges to the stools.simple home improvements 2

3.  Bathroom Slide-Away Stepsimple home improvements 3

4. Using sliding door to hide appliancessimple home improvements 4

5. Kitchen drawers can be used as hidden cutting boards.simple home improvements 5

6. A single chandelier can do wonders for any porch.simple home improvements 6

7. Window seats can make the stairs very cozy.simple home improvements 7

8. Hang a sign to indicate where the guest bathroom is.simple home improvements 8

9. Choose a contemporary font to replace your old house number.simple home improvements 9

10. Use the extra space in your kitchen to build a small storage area for cleaning suppliessimple home improvements 10