Her Wallet Stolen Years Ago But She Is Shocked When It Was Returned To Restaurant

Wow, I am in shock right now. Years ago I had my wallet stolen while at Miller’s ale house. I had just gotten hired and was filling out all of my paperwork, and later after I got home, I noticed it was missing. I searched everywhere and called Ale House, but it was gone. Well, tonight at work someone gave Kaitlyn, our hostess this envelope with this enclosed for me.

I could not believe after all this time someone would care enough to go through the effort to find me. Stranger, I’m glad you got yourself better and thanked you so much! It put a tear to my eye.”

stolen wallet


Dear Amy,

About 5 1/2 years or so ago I did something very terrible to you; I stole your wallet out of your purse. I was a drug addict wanting to take money from whoever I could to get my next high. I didn’t even know you, I pickpocketed you and took it right out of your purse. I took the Best Buy card you had in it and whatever cash that was in it and threw the wallet in a trash can next to a store.

Not too long after that I landed in a treatment facility and got sober. I’ve been sober for 4 years now and just recently found your Best Buy card in a bag of old stuff, I looked up your name and found where you worked. So here I am.

I can’t imagine the frustration and despair I put you through not to mention all the time and effort looking for it and getting all new stuff. It is unforgivable what I have done, but I would like to pay you a small amount of money for it.

I will also never hurt someone in that way ever again and will continue to live an honest life.

I wish you nothing but happiness, prosperity, and good health.”

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