Ways You Can Use Storage Bins All Around Your Home

Storage bin makeover1

Upcycled Toy Chest

If you’ve been using an ugly plastic tub to store toys, you’re in for a surprising makeover! This thrifty upgrade was made using dollar store burlap fabric and wrapping paper. You can get all the details on this cool toy chest do-over from the Creative Dominican!

Storage bin makeover2

Backyard Water Feature

No would could ever guess that this underground water feature was made with an inexpensive plastic storage bin. Since it’s buried deep underground, they never need to know! Add in a solar powered pump and some rocks to transform a bare patch of ground into a gorgeous water feature. If you want to create this beauty for your backyard, you can get the tutorial at The Garden Love.

Storage bin makeover3

Sensory Water Table

Make a fun sensory table for your little ones with a storage tub! Use PVC pipes to create the sides and legs of the table. Then fill the bin with with water, or other sensory items that kids love to squish in their hands, such as uncooked rice or sand! For more details on how to create this wonderful project for your kiddos, head on over to Southern Bell DIY.

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Pack-And-Go Play Stove

It’s never too soon to teach your kids how to cook for themselves! Give them some early lessons in cooking with this cute play stovetop made from a plastic tub. The cool thing about this stove is the built-in storage for putting away the pots and pans after playtime is over! Check out the full tutorial at Printable Cuttable Creatables.

Storage bin makeover5

Top Loading Litter Box

If you are proudly owned by a couple of cats, then you know that your little feline friends can sometimes kick that litter out of the box and onto the floor. Whether it was an accident or on purpose, there is a solution to the problem – a clever top-loading litter box! This brilliant plastic bin litter station comes with a foolproof no-mess lid. It will also last for years! You can find a step-by-step guide on The Baroness‘ blog.

Storage bin makeover6

Mini Greenhouse

This mini greenhouse is an awesome “house” for your seedlings grow up in! It’s super convenient to take care of them all at once and make sure they develop into big strong plants. When it’s time for them to leave the nest and live out their lives in the ground, it’s easy to transfer them en masse in this plastic bin! Find out more about this green thumb project at The Prairie Cottage.

Storage bin makeover7

Portable Baby Tub

Bathe your baby in the great outdoors! If you go on a camping trip, just make sure you bring a plastic tub with you. Not only can it temporarily store your camping gear, but when it’s emptied out at your campsite, you can use it as a portable bath tub. All it takes is some warm water, and your little tyke will be splashing in no time! This brilliant idea comes from Kerina at Living On Latte.

Storage bin makeover8

Clever Yarn Stash

If you’re a crochet maven, this yarn storage solution will have you jumping for joy! Not only can you tote your favorite colors around with you in this plastic bin, but there’s an extra special secret hiding in the lid. Check out the holes! Pull your thread through the opening, and it’ll keep your ball of yarn free of tangles while you’re working on a project. This handy idea came straight from Maggie’s Crochet Blog, so check it out for more details.

Storage bin makeover9

DIY Hamster Cage

Keep all your critters in one place with this DIY hamster cage getup! It’s easy to modify an inexpensive plastic bin to create these cool hamster cages. Although this appears to be a multi-level housing unit, it’s actually three separate cages stacked on top of each other. Actual social playtime will have to take place outside of these bins. However, your little furballs will still have a nice place to call home!

Storage bin makeover10

Ornament Storage

Some ornaments are fragile and can break into a million pieces if they’re not properly stored. Make a storage box that will safely keep your delicate ornaments safe from harm. By using wooden dowels inside of a plastic bin, you can carefully hang those breakable bobbles up on top! Katie has a great tutorial on her Craptastic blog, but don’t let the name fool you – it’s definitely not a crappy project!

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Watch this video to learn how you can convert a regular plastic container into a compost bin!


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