16 Handy Winter Tips Every Driver Needs To Know

It’s that time of year again, WINTER!  When you have snow and ice all over your car.  Here’s a few tips on how to clear ice and snow from a car, start it, make it reach its destination safely. 

7 tricks to easily clean snow and ice from windows and rearview mirrors

1. Lift the wipers, and leave them this way overnight so they cannot stick to the windshield.

2. To prevent windows icing, mix 3 parts of vinegar and 1 part of water: spray it over the windshield, and leave for a night. You’ll still have to clean off the snow, but it’ll be much easier to do.

3. A dry cloth and rubbing alcohol will help you clean snow from the windows much faster.

4. There’s another way to prevent a windshield icing: put an old mat, tarp, or a piece of thick cloth on the window, tuck it under the wipers, and leave overnight. But remember that it’s better not to do this with sudden changes of temperature or during a heavy downfall.

5. If you don’t have an ice scraper at hand, you can use a hard spatula or a credit card. It’s better to avoid metal because there’s a risk of damaging the surface.

6. Common plastic bags can help to protect rearview mirrors from icing during the night.

7. If you park a car so it faces east, the morning sun will melt the ice and help clean the car a little faster.

4 ways to protect locks and doors from icing

1. Hand sanitizer can help to open frozen car locks and doors.

2. You can also warm up the key with a lighter, and then gently insert it into the frozen lock.

3. As a preventive measure, spray the key with WD-40.

4. To open a frozen door, try to press on it. Another way is to use warm (but in no way hot) water or, even better, a de-icing mixture.

2 tricks to protect mirrors from the inside

1. Use cat litter to prevent windows misting and to absorb moisture and odors. You can pour some into a sock and hide it in the car.

2. Shaving cream will help to clean the inside of the windows and also prevent them from misting: apply a small amount of cream to the glass, and then wipe with a dry cloth.

3 tips to help you start a car even in a harsh winter

1. If you anticipate severe cold weather, carefully remove the battery from your car and take it into the house for the night.

2. If the car won’t start for 15-20 seconds, try the following: turn the key to the initial position, and give the battery a 2-minute rest. Then try starting the car again. Don’t repeat this process many times — you could worsen the battery’s condition. A starter’s rotation speed makes a good marker.

3. Jump-starting is a sure way to start a car, so keep the jumper cables at hand. But to allow your battery to recover and return to its initial state, the engine must be running for an hour.


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