She Was Traumatized By Her Boss At Work. Her Comeback Left Him Stunned

This woman was constantly harassed by her boss for some reason or the other with a problem he found in her work. But one day she did this to him.

I was working for this company that offered rebates if you upgraded your house insulation and appliances. The whole “go greener” thing.

I was working a year or so. I did my best to get to know everyone. I tried to join the company weekly football group. After winning the poll a few times my picks “mistakenly” left out.

At the Christmas party (my invitation was lost in the mail, but found out anyway) my name was drawn for a prize, an iPad! I was pretty stoked! Then was told I won by mistake.

After awhile my boss kept telling me that my performance wasn’t meeting the requirements for my position. I busted my ass, staying later, coming in early and watching my work closely. It wasn’t enough! Every day was getting worse. I was being talked about, given assignments that no one could finish, it was passive aggressive bullying at its finest.

I started having panic attacks on my way to work. I was having nightmares and slowly having a breakdown. My husband kept telling me to quit but then we wouldn’t have insurance for our family. I held on… still, no matter how I improved or hard I worked I was being told I wasn’t meeting to requirements. I started being yelled at in front of others. Ridiculed relentlessly. I’m a proud person but even I have a breaking point. I’d run in the bathroom and just cry. Just to leave and start the torment all over again the next day.

We had a meeting and they were reorganizing people into new positions and my name was mentioned as of the few that was moving to a higher position! After the shock, I sent my boss an email letting him know how excited I was and that he wouldn’t be disappointed. Later that day after I got back from lunch he asked me into his office. He had HR on the phone. For the next 15 minutes, I was told how horrible my work was, how my personality wasn’t a good fit yada-yada. When I tried to stand up for myself I was shot down. My boss talked to me and before I knew it he was holding a box with my things. I was beside myself. I went home and slept for days. I eventually pulled myself together and moved on.

Although it was a really bad experience I decided to go back to school and I got my degree in Visual Art. I never saw myself as an artist!

I had my first art show and to my surprise, it was going really well. One piece went for almost a grand. The buyer wanted to meet me. I instantly knew him when I saw him.. it was my old boss!

He congratulated me and told me how my piece moved him and blah blah blah. He was so sincere and his wife was also praising me.

With my husband standing next to me I let my former boss know that he wasn’t allowed to purchase the piece. He then asked about another and then another and I said no to all of them. He’s obviously frustrated. I told him “no those are for sale but you personally are not allowed to own any of my art. I do not want anything I create to be anywhere near the likes of you.” I then reminded him how horrible he treated me and the mental anguish he caused. His wife was livid with him. As he tried to keep his composure I walked away while he was still talking me into selling him a piece.

I was shaking and couldn’t believe I just did that. I really could have used the money but I think I made the right decision.


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